Thursday, February 21, 2013

Last Day of classes

Yesterday was my last full day of classes was bitter sweet and a bit sad.

But I did manage to get in the last few punches that I wanted to get in:

-Yoga headstands in grade 3
-Relaxation/meditation practices/breathing in grade 3
- Salsa and merengue dancing for the grade 6
- Diabetes crackdown in grade 7

The little ones pick up things sooo quickly and the older grades loved learning how to step turn and swerve their hips to salsa and merengue.

It was a successful day!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So tomorrow I leave site and head into Joburg to catch a flight heading towards home....


Hand laundered clothes all other the bed, hoarded FREE meds every where, 2 years worth of contacts unfinished, on side of the room dedicated to leaving to my host family.

My host fam with get free medications (my host dad like me is a big fan of Advil), leftover spices, iron, cleaning supplies, suitcases, pictures, stationary, crap cell phone (never used), furniture provided by the Dept of Ed, buckets galore, and 1 mini fridge.

Some stuff just can't fit in my 1 suitcase I'm aiming to have.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Books for Africa

This is what unloading 22,000+ book or 13,040 kgs of books looks like.

All these books came in from America recently and I went to Pretoria to help sort and pack and unload them for 5 days.

The first day, I spent in the huge metal container unloading box of leisure, health, science, reading skills, history, social studies, et al categories of books out into a truck that would then bring them inside the office where we unpacked them and made sure every school that had solicited for books got what they asked for.

I had heard that the books in the past were not of good quality and were books donated from the US. So when I opened up the boxes and found books that I read while growing up and in new or very good condition, it was very exciting.

My arms felt like Jello after 2 days in and I don't think I've gotten in a good arm workout in like that in years.

The books have still not arrived at y site but I am hoping they come soon since I leave on WEDNESDAY to go home!!

But will hahah be a nice chance for the school to take initiative on their own on something like finishing filling their library.

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Since I've been in SA I am constantly bombarded with kids in my room.

Today since its so hot but don't want to close the door they got locked out like small puppies.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Friday fun with "Gotwsa"

One my my old 2nd grade students lives behind my house in "shanti kwa" (what she says as she point in the direction of her family's tin shack). Her name is Gotwsajwang.

She walked home with me last Friday and I invited her in to help me finish my litchis. She said something to me in Setswana and I didn't understand. She waved goodbye and ran off.

Minutes later she ran back to my house and had changed out of her school uniform.

I put on Finding Nemo and she and Refentse sat on a small wooden bench and laughed and smiled, probably no understanding a whole lot. Gotwsa kept tapping me on the arm saying "look Mma Suzanney!"

After we watched movie we moved on to coloring on my room floor and then onto my laptop to listening to every Rihanna song I had. Gotswa loves her and danced and sang for me to each song.

She found a few Spanish songs and instantly started dancing a little merengue step to them, very cute!

The time flew by and soon it was past 7 pm and I kept trying to tell her I wanted to watch Generations at 8 and bathe before. She instead swept my room for me and then went out my house and did handstands against the house's wall for about 15 minutes. I told her "ke tla tlapa jaanong - bye bye Gotwsa!!" And then she finallly got it.

I had just stepped in my little plastic tub and then I heard her voice. "Mma Suzanney! Mma! Wa utlwa??" She was back outside my window asking if I could her her haha. I yelled back that I was bathing and when I later opened the door she had left.

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Mohawk on Didintle

I was just walking up to the staff room and stopped to take a pic of Didintle ("Dee-dee-clay," on the left) and Dimpho. I love her hair haha

It came up braided and made a cute femme fatale mohawk :)

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Our 57th Presidential Inauguration month Afrika Borwa

The only way to show your Democratic pride on Inauguration Day in an African village...

...a nice run through the village wearing your "I Vote Obama" t-shirt with pure 100% Amuuurican pride ;)

PS - this quote is not too shabby either.

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